Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Outside the classroom

Apart from the talk about yoga, there are more chances for you to practise your English outside the classroom.

+++++ Remember that you can borrow films and/or books from our library, or even go and use the computers that are available for students.
+++++ Also remember there is a conversation club at the school. Apart from the one I told you about in an ealier post, there are more new hours from now on for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

lunes de 8 a 9 p.m. nivel intermedio. martes 12,30 intermedio-avanzado. miércoles 3 a 4 p.m. para básico-intermedio. Este horario será hasta finales de abril.

***** Tomorrow, 15th March 2012, at 21.00 hours, meet other students and speak English:

+++++ From time to time, they show films in English at Bretón theatre, Moderno cinemas, C.C. Caja Rioja, etc., so check their timetables for the original version shows they offer. As an example, check the following:

***** You have a good chance to watch three films in English if you go to Las Cañas cinema:

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