Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2º NB: Present perfect


1) He’s been in Madrid for two years (He is in Madrid now)
2) He´s gone to Madrid (He is on his way to Madrid or in Madrid)
3) He´s been to Madrid twice (He is NOT in Madrid now)
4) He went to Paris last week and hasn’t come back: He has been in Paris for one week. (He is in Paris now)
5) She has been in London for ten years. (She went to London ten years ago. She is in London now)
6) He has gone to Paris today and has said he will call when he comes back. (He is in Paris now)
7) He has been to Paris twice, once when he got married and the second, when he got divorced (He is NOT in Paris now)

Present perfect

- Explanation

- Reading: The story of Snowboarding

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- PODCAST present perfect/simple past
- PODCAST yet/still/already

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