Saturday, 31 January 2009

In class: Friends

1. Why are friends important?
2. Can you live without friends?
3. Who are more important to you – friends or family?
4. Is it better to have lots of friends or one special one?
5. What’s the best thing about a friend?

At least: por lo menos
To count on somebody: contar con alguien
To stand by somebody: apoyar a alguien
Acquaintances/ relations: conocidos
Relatives: parientes

Vocabulary and collocations:
- Friend /friendship
- One of my oldest friends
- get on well/ badly
- Became good friends
- Come from similar backgrounds
- Have a lot in common
- Don’t see each other often
- Keep in touch / lose touch
- Have similar tastes, hobbies, likes or dislikes.

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