Friday, 3 April 2009

Juno, a song to practise your English

Quizá os apetezca practicar un poco con la canción de la banda sonora de la película Juno. Nota: Hay un poco de desfase entre el powerpoint y la música, así que tendreis que dar a la pausa, etc. Podeis probar a hacer el powerpoint primero, sin música, y luego comprobarlo, ya que es un ejercicio tipo scrabble, en el que usas las letras de arriba para completar los huecos de abajo (y se pueden repetir). Paso a contar algo más, esta vez en inglés:
This is a power point I prepared for my students last year, which we did in class. Six months ago I uploaded it on the internet, on, but I couldn't include the music in it, so I decided not to include it here on the blog, as it was incomplete. A few days ago, I saw that the soundtrack of this film was included on Great! And today, slideshare has sent me a message, saying that many people have watched it on slideshare, where I had uploaded it.
So now, thanks to slideshare and goear, I hope any of you who also wish to do this exercise, can do so. It is the soudtrack of the film Juno.


- The given letters at the top of each page are included in the missing words below. (So you can also try first filling in the gaps with the words, before listening to the song, and then check)

- You are also given the initial and last letter of every missing word, together with a drawn line for each letter so as to fill in the gaps successfully.

- Afterwards, there is a vocabulary exercise, followed by the solution.

- And then, finally, you can read the complete lyrics at the same time as you listen to the song.

- And ... do a bit of karaoke if you fancy doing so!

I hope you enjoy listening to the song and doing the tasks in the powerpoint!
(Note:The first verse is missing, but then complete on the second page).
Have fun!

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