Saturday, 23 January 2010

NI 1: Module 7: Lesson 1


*** Writing: As you already know, there are many suggestions in your book, but I also include one topic you can choose if you want to:
- Suggested composition: "Why am I interested in learning English?"

- Countries and nationalities

- Comparison of much,many, little, few

- Comparison of adverbs

- Past simple and past continuous

- Grammar and exercises from this link

*** Culture:
- Spanish loan words in English
- more

- Shared words in English and Spanish

*** More about grammar:

I recommend this book to the people who can't come to class:
English Grammar in Use, A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students (with answers), Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press

Click on these links and you will have extra exercises from the internet:
- countable/uncountable words
- (much/many/few/little...)
- comparison of adverbs
- superlatives
- Past simple
- Past continuous
- simple past/past continuous

Some of the vocabulary you may need for your speaking skill:
- mother tongue
- native speaker
- widespread
- Lingua Franca
- Business world
- A powerful country in the world
- antiquities

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