Friday, 5 February 2010

NI 1: Suggested compositions for Module 7.

Module 7. Plan ahead!:

You should prepare these lessons before coming to school. I include a suggested composition for each of them, which you should bring to class on that day:

Lesson 1: The story of English:
(Writing: "Why I am learning English" )

Lesson 2: American or British English?:
(Writing: "The year I travelled to…")

Lesson 3: Money, money, money:
(An article for a newspaper: "Things a person can do without money )

Lesson 4: Language and behaviour:
(An article of opinion: "Are we becoming more impolite and rude or are we more civilized than in the past?"

lesson 5: Let’s make a movie!:
(A review: "About a film I would recommend" or "Don't watch this!")

Lesson 6: Lone parents:
(Writing: "The family of XXI century" (or British, or ...)or "My family")

Lesson 7: It’ll make a man of you:
(Writing: "My opinion about my education at primary and/or secondary school, university, …")

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