Saturday, 13 March 2010

NI 2: Suggested compositions for Module 9

You should prepare your lessons before coming to school. I include a recommended composition for each of them, which you should bring to class on the day we talk about the lesson:

Lesson 1:
Suggested composition: Write a funny annecdote which happened to somebody or to you - real or invented - and finish your composition like this: "... I couldn't stop laughing whenever I remembered it!"

Lesson 2:
Suggested composition: "The news I remember most in the last year" or " the last ten years"

Lesson 3:
Suggested composition: "How does technology affect your life?" or "Can anybody nowadays live without a mobile phone or a computer?"

Lesson 4:
Suggested composition: "What would you do if you were a politician?" or "Are you interested in politics?"

Lesson 5:
Suggested composition: An article of opinion: "Is love a question of age?" or "Are people as old as they feel?"

Lesson 6:
Suggested composition: An article of opinion: "Did the video kill the radio?" or "Are you hooked to any TV series?"

Lesson 7:
Suggested composition: Write about your own experience at learning languages or write about "Why are you studying English?", or a mixture of both.

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