Tuesday, 13 April 2010

NI 2: Some tasks to prepare your Certificate exam

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As I told you yesterday, in the previous post you have the links to what we did last year for lessons 5, 6 and 7 (Module 9). And, also, here I include the links to very interesting and useful posts on the three blogs from teachers at our school for second year of Intermediate level (NI 2). And also, a link to two posts from another teacher of Intermediate level:

*** You can do this listening for lesson number 5, thanks to Gloria: OLD AGE

*** You can do some grammar and vocabulary exercises from Straightforward Intermediate level here (with key), thanks to Ana:
- Lesson 8
- Lesson 9

*** Learn and do more practice thanks to Soraya:
- The Media
- Driving
- Differences between "rob" and "steal"

*** Now, thanks to a teacher from Avilés, you can have a look at the info about Molly Malone and listen to the song as you do the listening task: MOLLY MALONE
- Or you can learn a bit more about STONEHENGE and do the listening exercise, thanks to her links.

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