Thursday, 22 April 2010

Song: "Sick of Love" (Robert Ramírez)

Just watch and enjoy this song! (You can also sing and dance along!) Lots of people keep singing it:

******** Listening task:

Now, listen to it and do the listening task:

***Fill in the gaps:

Lyrics (Sick Of Love by Robert Ramírez) :

I’m here 1)__________
Waiting at 2) _________
I cannot feel the air no more
Sick of love
My 3)___________ is sick of love

I even know
It’s getting 4)_________
I turn off the radio
Sick of love
My air is sick of love

I cannot 5)__________
I’m more than 6) __________
Everything I think is 7) _________
Sick of love
My mind is sick of love

Who is blamed
With that 8)_________
You can't trust me anymore
Sick of love
We are all sick of love

Yeahhhh, I'm gonna fly
Tonight I'm taking you
Don't be afraid
I am your superman

I'll bring a box with 9)________
To put you in
Let’s dance again
The evil 10)__________

I’m gonna fly...

I’m here alone …
I even know …
I cannot find …
Who is blamed …

Just feel the music
Don’t feel the pain
We are in a river
We are all insane
It’s getting better
It’s not a game
You want to live it, you want
You must forget

I’m gonna fly...

**** KEY:
1)alone 2)home 3)heart 4)worse 5)find 6)blind 7)wrong 8)flame 9)sugar 10)game

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