Saturday, 23 October 2010

Time to speak English!

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If you wish to improve your level of English, speaking English is the best way!
There are several opportunities for you to do so, apart from your English lessons.

**** Once a month, you can join us at Café Madison, in Albia de Castro street - opposite to IES Hermanos D'Elhuyar-. Remember to check this information every month on our blog for activities outside the classroom:
Next meeting will be held on 4th November 2010, at 9 pm.

**** At El Fuero de Logroño Official School of Languages (our Languages school), you can join the foreign language assistants in the Conversation clubs that have been planned for this year. First, you have to apply for it. Check here the days and timetables for the first months, depending on your level:

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**** Have a look at these pages, which can help you to practise your English:

(Our school magazine:

***** Last, but not least, you can also go to these pages, which are worth a visit if you wish to practise your Speaking skill:

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