Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A great hit ever

I have found two different videos I think you will enjoy watching. The first one is on Vaughan tv, but you can watch it thanks to youtube. By the way, it is a pity we cannot watch that channel for free in La Rioja yet. Maybe in the near future!

First video: You will listen to a man talking about the time when Grease, the film, became so famous (... and still is!). Do this TRUE/FALSE task while you are watching the video:

**** Exercise:

1. June 1978: The song spent two weeks at the top of the charts in the United States.
2. At that time, the World Cup began and Argentina beat Holland 3-1.
3. In 1978, Charles Chaplin's coffin disappeared for ever.
4. Olivia Newton John was very nervous about Grease.
5. John Travolta was in New York at the same time as Olivia, so they met there.
6. While he was recording for his film "Saturday Night Fever", she was working at the Metropolitan.
7. Olivia was an actress who sang and Travolta, a singer who also became an actor.
8. Olivia was the name of Travolta's girlfriend in the movie.

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1. F (one week)
2. T
3. F (Then, it was found)
4. T
5. T
6. T
7. F (viceversa)
8. F (No, the female character's name was Sandy. Danny was in love with Sandy. Olivia was the actress who played that role. Travolta was the actor and Danny, the male character))

Then, in the second video, you can sing along the main characters, while watching the scene in which they were dancing and singing one of the most famous songs of this film: "You are the one I want" (with lyrics).

English can certainly be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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