Saturday, 19 March 2011

NI 2: Module 9 Lesson 2: The news

Some vocabulary related to the news:

Watch this video, which will help you to improve your vocabulary when reading or watching the news:

In the next video, she explains lots of useful vocabulary to speak about floods:

Translation into Spanish of some words and phrases in the video:
- flood: Inundación
- event: hecho, acontecimiento
- step by step: paso a paso
- inhabitants: habitantes
- The homeless: la gente sin hogar, sin techo
- shelter: refugio
- The injured:los heridos
- The destitute: Los indigentes
- fields: campos (cultivables)
- rice paddies, ricefields: arrozales
- river bank: orilla del río
- flood-hit areas:zonas inundadas, zonas afectadas por la inundación
- low-lying areas:zonas bajas
- starvation: hambre, inanición
- harship:gran dificultad (harsh:severa, dura)
- to wade:caminar (por el agua inundada)
- to pledge:prometer, comprometerse (a algo)

You can also find many other useful videos at her web address:

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