Monday, 25 April 2011

Driving in Europe

Watch this short and easy video and complete the sentences with the words you hear, according to the information you are given in the video:


A. When we say that Europe has one of the most complex systems of roads in the world, we mean that it has one of the 1)__________ road 2)_____________ in the world.

B. If you have a Spanish driving 3)________________, you can use it in the rest of the European Union, because it is also 4)__________ in the other countries.

C. Your insurance 5)__________ will at least provide you with the minimum 6)_________ required in the other countries.

D. You must always wear your safety 7)_________ fastened.

E. Drive 8)__________

F. Be sure you 9)___________ an eye on the speed 10)____________. The may be different from those in your country.

Transcript of the video and key:

You’ve got it at last! Your driving licence!
Europe has one of the 1) densest road 2) networks in the world, a real invitation to take to the road. Your driving 3) licence is 4) valid wherever you choose to travel in the European Union and your car insurance 5) policy will automatically provide the minimum 6) cover required by law. Anyway, fasten your seat 7) belt, drive 8) safely and 9) keep an eye on the speed 10) limits. These may differ from one country to another.

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