Saturday, 9 July 2011

Summer revision

SOURCE of the image: (Thanks a lot, it is just perfect for the season and the task!)

**** (All levels) Click on the following link, choose from the list that video which is related to your level and that topic which you want to revise. Then, do the quiz:

For example (Basic level): Saying large numbers:

(Note: More about "how to say numbers" here:
And more about numbers here:

Another engvid example (Basic level): Countable and uncountable names:

**** (Up to Intermediate)Do these BBC quizzes about the house and its contents:;quiz=1214_at_home;quiz=829_house_home

*** Phonetics. Revise your pronunciation on the following links:

- minimal pairs:

(Basic level)Then, click on the pair you want and you will hear the sounds.
For example:

Have a look at this page and then to the section "More pronunciation practice" . Then, click on the activities you want to do:

For example, do you want to know how to pronounce something? Type it and you will hear it:

(Basic level) Another example: Do you know how to spell words? Revise the alphabet:

*** (All levels) DICTATIONS:Why not doing aa DICTATION?
Choose your level, exercise, first listen to the complete extract and then, write it down when the speaker dictates it to you. Finally, check it:

++++ Clues to help you with dictations:

"Oh" = zero = 0 double = x 2 triple = x 3 plus = + minus = - multiplied by = x divided by = over = ÷

And remember punctuation:

Full stop = . Comma = , Semi-colon = ; Colon = : Inverted commas = "___"
Exclamation mark = ! Question mark = ? Brackets = ( __ ) Hyphen = __-__ Dash = —

Saying email addresses and understanding messages on the answering machine:

#: hash * : the star button

@ is pronounced 'at'. For instance, is "caimin, at, clara, dot, net".

/ is "forward slash".

- is called a "hyphen" or a "dash".

_ is an "underscore".

*** (All levels) Check these interesting pages, full of hints and exercises:

(Basic level):

Dentro ir a :
- Indice (gramática):

- Indice curso con videos, listening, Reading, etc (more levels, even Advanced):

- (Basic Level):

- (Intermediate level):

- (Advanced level):

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