Tuesday, 14 February 2012

St. Valentine's Day

Today is St. Valentine's Day

Below, you'll find several links to help you practice vocabulary related to this day and other stuff you may find amusing and entertaining.


**** Vocabulary QUIZ

**** Reading skill

**** Reading and Listening skills, plus vocabulary and activities(BBC)

**** For Intermediate and Advanced learners: Activities at My That's English blog

**** Read this article and say which one is your favourite (Mine is number 11, so simple and still so romantic!But I don't like number 14... bad idea: piranha fish, hahaha!): "Finding a romantic way to propose to your girlfriend is a unique challenge, and one you will no doubt want to get right, as hopefully this will be the one and only time you ever need to propose to anybody. We have all seen men risk embarrassment and go down on one knee in public places in order to ask their girlfriends to marry them,..." Read more: Several ways to PROPOSE TO your girlfriend

**** A video about COMPLIMENTS in English

**** Valentine's Day advice for men

**** Some information about this day

**** More information here

**** A poem by Pablo Neruda, read aloud by Madonna (simply beautiful!)

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