Sunday, 16 December 2012

Getting ready for Christmas?

Christmas holidays start on 22nd December this year. On Saturday,you may wake up from bed and discover you are a millionaire! Have you bought a lottery ticket yet?

The following videos are worth watching to practise your English and to get ready for Christmas. Enjoy them, some are funny, some emotional, some practical,... all of them not too difficult to understand!

****** Girl talks with Santa

****** A bit of info about Santa's land, according to tradition:

More info:

****** Do you agree? Is Christmas in Spain celebrated this way?:

*For Intermediate and advanced levels (but everybody can try to understand them!):

Remember, our foreign language assistants will tell us about how they celebrate Christmas in their countries. Check the date: 20/12/2012, at 6.30pm !!!

****** Getting ready?

****** Christmas spirit is in the air:

****** Lucia in Sweden:

* Do you celebrate this day? If so, do you celebrate it in the same way as Swedish people?

Now, ehem, if you miss summer time, after all these Christmas time videos ... you can also watch this one about midsummer in Sweden:

****** Some ideas for recipes you can try cooking for our 20th December contest!

Remember: Bring your dishes from 17:30 to 18:30. All great and humble cooks and chefs are welcome! Well, if you don't dare trying, you can at least learn lots of vocabulary related to food and cooking!

***** Savouries:

- pancakes to fill in with just anything (Typical on pancake's day):

- A classic: Shephard's pie:

- A classic for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas: roasted turkey:

***** Desserts:

- Some people just love brownies!:

- Delicious and easy!:

- Really nice and cute!:

- Well, truly challenging!!!!:

++++++++ Last, but not least, one Christmas Carol for you!:

First, learn the lyrics thanks to Frank:

Now, you can sing it along with this great duet!:

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