Sunday, 24 February 2013

Some ideas to help you improve your English Speaking skills

Check the following pages to help you practise your Speaking skills:

(Tip: Algunos consejos en español, para empezar)

(Tip: First, you have to join the site and become a member. There are lots of pages like this, but first you have to register. You can also try skype, google talk,...))

+++++ Watch videos subtitled in English, and try to imitate the speakers.
Here is a good documentary which can help you both to get informed (even shocked at times!)and to practise your English!

(Tip: Learn the most usual phrases and sentences in English. Check it if you want to learn other languages, too!)

(Tip: Click on next link. Read and listen to the text and try to imitate the reader:

(Tip: good conversation examples)

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