Monday, 3 June 2013


More and more, there are lots of pages you can have access to. In this case, you first need to have a facebook account, but it is worth having a look at them, so you might need one in case you don't have it yet! Then, click on "I like it", so that you can read the new posts which will appear on your facebook account.

There are lots of links! I'll just include a few good ones for you. Feel free to investigate and find out lots more!:

English is fun!
(Tip: They upload hundreds of images with vocabulary. Good for all levels)

BBC Learning English

Learning English with Australia network

Let's enjoy English together!

First Certificate in English FCE
(Tip: good for B2 students)

Cambridge English Advanced
(Tip: very helpful for C1 students)

Splendid speaking
(Tip: very good for Advanced learners)

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