Saturday, 8 November 2008

(2ºNI) Module 8. Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Earth Matters

*** Vocabulary:
The environment

A bilingual quizz (Muy interesante para ver equivalencias entre los dos idiomas)

*** Listening:
Enjoying the zoo (maybe a bit difficult, but very good for practice!)

Killer tsunamis (A video with its transcript about how a tsunami is created)

*** Speaking:

* Monologue: Speak about your habits in favour of the environment.

* Role play:

Student A:
You belong to the local town hall and you want to build lots of new houses in your city. But you have to convince citizens that your project is good for everybody.

Student B:
You are a citizen and you would like to see lots of parks and green areas in your town. Defend your views at the town hall.

*** Writing. Write an article explaining your views about the Climate change.

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