Saturday, 8 November 2008

(1º NI) Module 6. Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Food and diet
You can find some activities below, and lots more if you surf the web (type: listening at the restaurant, in google, and you'll see by yourself!)

*** Listening activities:
Ordering a meal (I'm afraid the quality of the sound is not very good, though!)

At the restaurant (An example of American English)

*** Reading activity:
Joe's Family restaurant

*** Reading and listening activity
Fast food restaurants

Now, a bit more difficult (but also interesting!): Baking cookies

*** Writing:

Write a composition to express your opinion about "genetically modified food" and its consequences, good and/or bad, in people.

*** Speaking

* Monologue: "Mediterranean diet" versus "fast food"

* Role play: At the restaurant

(Option A: a normal dialogue/ Option B: Everything goes wrong!)

Student A: Waiter
Student B: Customer

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