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(1º NI) Module 6. Lesson 6

1º Nivel Intermedio.
Module 6. Lesson 6: TRADITIONS

*** grammar: RELATIVE CLAUSES.
I hope that this chart I have prepared helps you to understand relative clauses.



1. The man who/that phoned yesterday has just called again.
2. The woman you met at the party is my boss.
3. The car I bought is my favourite one.
4. The man whose house you bought has just telephoned.
5. The house which/that has green doors is where my friend Mark lives.
6. The man whose brother hit your car is the president of the company.
7. The woman with whom we were discussing the new project is the manager.(less usual)
8. The woman we were discussing the new project with is the manager. (more usual)

NON- DEFINING RELATIVE CLAUSES (explicativas, van entre comas)


1. The new manager of the firm, who has invited us for dinner, is a great person.
2. Nora, who/whom you met yesterday, is my neighbour.
3. The manager, with whom we are going to be afterwards, has liked our project a lot.
4. Nadal, whose racket has brought him a lot of luck, has beaten many good tennis players.
5. The new museum, which is in the town centre, has many famous works of art.
6. Our city, whose parks have been improved, looks great in spring.
7. London, where I’ve always had a good time, has a lot of musicals going on.

*** Grammar exercises:

** Quizz on which, that and who

** Relative clause quizz

Did you score 100%? Congratulations!

*** A very important tradition:

* Christmas

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