Tuesday, 16 December 2008

On Christmas day (all levels)

Fill in the gaps in this Christmas song:

On Christmas Day (Dido)

The young g_____________ came riding past
on a snow-blue winter's d_______
He asked to drink by our f________ and
I was p____________ to let him stay
He drank there quietly for a w__________
and then he t____________ and said to me

Your eyes are g__________
Like summer g__________
Your l________ are red
like a fresh-cut r_______
Your h________ is soft
like an Irish stream
And your voice is filled with s__________ beauty

And the last w__________ I heard him say were
I shall return for you my l_________ on Christmas Day

And the night will come but I won't s__________
as I watch the s__________ that lead him
I cannot place w__________ he is
but s__________ my heart goes with him
I'm saving all my Sunday c___________ for the day
that I'll be leaving
Father k_______
My sister knows

And my f____________
They're happy for me
And the priest he s_______
you should t__________ God
for the blessing of such beauty

And the last words, etc

*** KEY

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