Friday, 30 October 2009

NI 1: Suggested compositions for Module 6

Module 6. Plan ahead!:

You should prepare your lessons before coming to school. I include a recommended composition for each of them, which you should bring to class on the day we talk about the lesson:

Lesson 1: Holiday time:
(Writing: "My last holidays" )

Lesson 2: Food and diet:
(Writing: "Mediterranean diet versus fast food")

Lesson 3: Gossip:
(Writing: "Gossip on TV and magazines")

Lesson 4: Stereotypes:
(Writing: "Famous stereotypes about the British" (or the Spanish, or ...)

lesson 5: The Best of friends:
(Writing: "My ideal friend" or "My best friend")

Lesson 6: Traditions:
(Writing: "Spanish traditions" (or British, or ...)or "A family celebration")

Lesson 7: Superstition:
(Writing: "Do you believe in luck?")

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