Sunday, 22 November 2009

NI 1: Module 6. Lesson 4: Stereotypes

*** First, you can have a look at what we have from last year.


*** More practice to describe people.


*** Listening. listen to Richard Cook talking about stereotypes:

*** Now, listen again and fill in the gaps of these uncomplete sentences with the exact word he says:

(by Richard Cook)

1) .... we end up ____________ action based on them before we find out.....

2) Stereotypes tend to be ______________ and rather broad.

3)... you will find that _________________ the majority of the population ...

4)But there will always be people at the _______________ who will be ....

5)I think probably the best ___________ to say is to make broad generalisations

6)... because ______________ is fluid, it changes ....

7) ....they may spend periods of time ___________ themselves.

1)taking 2)outdated 3)broadly 4)edges 5)thing 6)culture 7)abroad

*** Check this link: SPANISH STEREOTYPES

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