Sunday, 22 November 2009

NI 2: Module 8. Lesson 3: Many people, many backgrounds

*** First you can have a look at what we have from last year:


*** Listening. Fill in the gaps of this extract from the BBC as you listen to it. First, select, copy and paste the exercise into word, or open a new window of the blog so that you have one window with the audio and another with the exercise:

1) Both the authorities and human rights groups have ____________that .....

2) ... the local governor has blamed the unrest on _______________.

3) His remarks are ___________to be welcomed ...

4) Last week, two local men were _______________ in a brawl.

5)...went on the rampage attacking businesses ______________ to traders from the Caucasus.

6)..... the tension is ________________to other parts of the region.

7)White supremacist groups in Russia have openly ______________ attacks ....

8)... but the numbers _________________ in the latest unrest appear....


Now, you can listen to it and read the transcript in its original source. You can also read and learn more about the vocabulary he uses. First, you can check your answers below:
KEY: 1)warned )migrants 3)likely 4)killed 5)belonging 6)spreading 7)encouraged 8)involved


*** Mixed race:Watch this documentary in the BBC. You can also read the comments below the video.

*** Pangea Day -- May 10th 2008

*** More about it:

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