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NI 2: Module 8. Lesson 4: We came to America

The Mayflower

Read this text and choose the best answer for each gap:

The Mayflower brought the first group of Pilgrims to North America 1)________1620. The Mayflower got under way from Plymouth, England, 2)_______ September 16, 1620. The ship was headed for Virginia, 3)_________ the colonists had been authorized to settle.
4)________ a result of stormy weather and navigational errors, the vessel failed to make good its course, and finally, the Mayflower rounded the end of Cape Cod and dropped anchor off the site of present-day Provincetown, Massachusetts.
No 5)_________ knows exactly what the ship looked like, but it was probably about 27 m (90 ft) long, had three masts and two decks, and probably weighed about 180 tons.
On December 21, an area having 6)___________ selected, the Pilgrims disembarked from the Mayflower near the head of Cape Cod and founded Plymouth Colony, the first permanent settlement in New England.

1. A. after B. in C. before
2. A. on B. in C. at
3. A. which B. whose C. where
4. A. For B. As C. In
5. A. people B. persons C. one
6. A. been B. being C. be

The ship above is the Mayflower. Click on the word if you wish to read about its history and you can also check your answers there or below.

Key: 1. B (in) 2. A (on)3. C(where)4. B (as) 5.C (one) 6.A (been)

*** Now, you can have a look at what we have from last year.


*** Suggested composition:
Writing: "What do you know about America and its people?"

*** Listening:

*** Grammar:

*** Modals: ability

*** Modals - Probability and Certainty

*** Modals - Possibility

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