Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Full Moon (2nd December 2009)

Suggested activity:

***1st) One student watches the video, without music, and the other student,who is not watching the screen, listens to the descripcion of the scene (alternative: if you are studying alone, you can try to describe the scene to yourself, too):

***2nd)Then, everybody can fill in the gaps of the song while they are listening to it:

Full Moon (The Ghost shadows)

When the thorn bush turns 1)____________ that’s when I'll come home,
I am going out to see 2)__________ I can sow,
And I don't know 3)__________ I'll go,
But I don't know what I'll 4)_________,
But I'll try not to 5)____________ it back home with me.

Like the 6)___________ sun your eyes will follow me,
As you 7)_____________ me on the crossing paths agree.
'Cos all I want is here 8)__________ now,
But it’s 9)_____________ been and gone,
Our 10)________________ always last that bit too long.

Ooh ooh,

Far far away, no voices sounding, no one around me, and you're still there.

Far far away, no choices passing, no time confounds me, and you're still there.

In the Full moon's light I listen to the sea,
And in between the silence, hear you calling me,
But I don't know where I am,
And I don't trust who I fear,
But If I don’t wanna, will I hear them leave?
Ooh, ooh

KEY: 1)white 2)what 3)where 4)see 5)bring 6)morning 7)watch 8)right 9)already 10)intentions

***3rd)Finally, everybody can watch the video with the music on.

***4th)You can also watch this interview (a bit challenging!):

***5th)... or this one about New Moon (...more challenging!!!):

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