Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Discussion topics: And the winner is ...

In class. Time for discussion:

You are going to watch a Pantene commercial in which they tell us about two girls who compete in a contest. One of them plays the piano and the other one plays the violin. The violinist cannot either talk or hear. Talk to your partner and tell each other about what you can see in the video, what is happening, etc. Look up any word or phrase you need for your description.

Then, answer the following questions:

1) Which of these two contestants do you think deserves the prize? Why?
2) Which of the two characters does just anything to get what she wants?
3) What do you think about the saying:"the end justifies the means"?
4) Do you think artists take out the best of themselves when they go through harsh times in their lives?
5) Do you think this story ends happily or, in other words, that all pays off in the end?
6) Have you ever been, or someone you know, in a situation similar to the violinist's?
7) Do you know how to communicate by using sign language in English?
8) Can you read braille?
9) Can you play any musical instrument? Which one? How long for?
10) Can you draw, paint, write or do any other artistic activity? If so, have you ever taken part in a contest? Have you ever been awarded a scholarship or any other prize for it?

Click here to watch the video (youtube)
Or watch it here below:

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