Monday, 8 November 2010

Books to read and enjoy!

As you probably know, we always suggest reading at least one book per year. They will be available at the school library, so you can either buy it or borrow it from the library.

The books we have chosen for this year at our school, depending on the student's level are the following:


*** You can watch, listen and read this beautiful story written by a boy. Now, he is a soldier who was kidnapped back to 2006, when he was 20 years old:

If you want to read and know more details about this story:
** in Spanish:
** in English:

*** Now, you can watch Vaughan and listen to him telling you about two very important books he is reading. He also compares both books in size and length, so this way you can revise your knowledge about comparisons in English.

Click here to watch part 1

Click here to watch part 2

*** Now, you can watch Lev, who intends to write "The Best Book Ever". He is fun!

*** Click on next link: How many of the novels this person recommends have you read? Have you read any of them in English yet?

*** Watch this video about the books some people would recommend (Advanced level)

*** Story reading: Have some fun listening to the story of the three funny ladybugs!

Now, more serious tasks:
*** You can listen and read the story about "The princess and the tin box" by James Thurber (Intermediate level)

*** Now, you can listen and read: First chapter of Oliver Twist (advanced level)

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